Since our humble beginning with mountain biking adventures In the year 2018, we have always wanted to give back to the community where we take most of our biking tours, the desire came after seeing a lot of kids in the streets showing so much interest in our bikes but our bikes were too big for them to ride (since all our bikes are 29” with big frame) and that’s when we decided to come up with two events just to share the joy of riding a mountain bike;

  • Read and ride

With read and ride project we deal with kids from 8-13 years old, where they get to read and narrate a story book before going for a short ride. We prefer conducting this activity on Sundays since that is the day all kids are available because from Monday to Friday they attend to schools

  • Girls ride

With girls ride we tend to focus more on supporting girls who are interested in mountain biking by giving them the bike and ride with them, since it is not so common to see a girl riding a mountain bike and this is because of the culture and it always seems to be a sport for boys.

Currently we don’t have bicycles for kids but we rent the bikes and helmets for them to enjoy at least once a week. We believe that small steps can make a difference too, and by giving them the chance to ride a bike will not only improve their physical health but also improve academic performance since bike riding is the sport that gives a kid with an enjoyable form of physical fitness and when they ride with others great social skills is developed too.

If you have ideas or want to support any of the event don’t hesitate to contact us via